CryptoI want to congratulate my good friend Brendan Gadd on his first Android application: Crypto Password Manager. It is an elegant and secure password/note manager where you can safely keep track of all those pesky passwords you can never quite remember. In addition, it is one of the least expensive app of its kind on the Google Play store.

Hopefully this is the first of many… as a matter of fact I hear there may be another one coming soon… keep up the good work Brendan!

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After waking up late at my campground in Nepean, I packed up for the last time and headed downtown. I first took some time to take a picture in front of the parliament with Tatiana, where there was a mega-yoga class taking place on the hill. I spent the next hour or so trying to hunt down a place where I could buy my victory cigar. I eventually settled for a Cohiba Siglo V, quite expensive, but I figured it was worth it. By then, dark clouds had begun to appear and I hurried up to make it home before the rain started.

I arrived just in time, at 14:09 where friends and family had gathered to welcome me home. It was quite awesome, and I thank everyone who came and stayed for the subsequent BBQ and party. I am going to spend the next couple of days unpacking and relaxing from the trip. I will also post all the photos which are missing from the posts. Thanks to everyone who followed me on this blog!

Day 67 Final Tally: 42.85 km

Final Tally: 6,537.02 km
Average per Day: 110.80 km

It was more of the same today, for the first part of the day anyway. I left Pembroke around 11:30 after some Subway and I was soon back onto the 17. This time, however, I rode nonstop to Arnprior where once again, I filled up at Wendy’s. I decided to change my plan and go farther than the campground I’d originally picked nearby. I want to get home for 14:00 tomorrow and I also don’t want to have to go very far.

In the end, I decided to get all the way to Nepean at the Ottawa municipal campground. It seems kind of strange, but I didn’t have a lot of options. So my last day will be a 30k run to Orleans. It’s a bit ridiculous since I’m about an hour or so away from home. But I’ve ridden quite a bit already today and apparently there’s a little get-together planned back home for my arrival tomorrow…

Day 66 Final Tally: 138.50 km

This trip is finally starting to feel like a vacation, and it’s a shame really. I’ll be rolling into home not feeling like I crossed Canada, but that I cycled back from the grocery store. I say this because I know the terrain and distances for my last two days are easy, and I’m pretty sure I’ll approach them both as I did today.

I started pretty late, around 11:30 and rode about 38k into Deep River before stopping at Subway (I wasn’t really hungry) for quite some time. I rode another 30k before taking yet another break at a rest area by the side of the road. I then made my way to downtown Pembroke, stopping for yet another needless meal (Wendy’s, this time). After quite a bit of time in there, I rode to my campsite, barely a kilometer away. I set up camp and spent the rest of the day reading Penn Jillette’s new book on my iPhone.

I suppose I deserve some kind of rest but I’d thought that would come Saturday, not already. It may sound strange, but after that most difficult ride yesterday, over 80k of cycling feels like a walk around the block. Still 165k from home, but I can’t help but feel I’m already there.

Day 65 Final Tally: 82.17 km

The last tough day of the trip turned out harder than I’d hoped. I was able to get going relatively early since I didn’t have to pack the tent, but I was derailed early on. The Trans-Canada (17) joins the 11 for a few kilometers downtown North Bay and I guess I didn’t see the signs forbidding bicycles to ride it. I’ve ridden through many towns where the 17 becomes Main St. and didn’t think much of riding through once again. It wasn’t long before I was pulled over by a police officer who informed me of the situation.

I subsequently had to find a convoluted route that would connect to the 17 after it split off the 11. I spent a good half-hour before finally getting out of town. I knew the relief would be difficult today, but early on that wasn’t the problem. I hadn’t gotten as much sleep as I should have had, deciding to leave early. This, compounded with nausea I can’t quite explain, really slowed me down until I stopped to eat, barely 40k into the day.

I then made my way to Mattawa relatively quickly where there is some serious road construction taking place (and for good reason). Soon after, the terrain turned to pretty tall rolling hills which took their toll on me. By 100k I was drained and stopped to feed on my remaining food supplies. The next 30k went by very slowly as I kept ascending steep inclines. I was starting to wonder if I would make it to camp when I finally saw the gas station Matt had told me was the last before Driftwood Provincial Park. I stopped and re-stocked on supplies; took a break for a good half-hour and got back on the bike, knowing I had less than 10k to camp.

Finally, I encountered a campground less than 4k from the park, and decided to spend the night there instead (provincial parks are notoriously expensive in Ontario). I’m very tired, but even more happy that my last difficult day is over. I now have only about 250 km to go before reaching my starting point in Orleans.

Day 64 Final Tally: 136.61 km

I wanted to get going early today in order to spend more time with my friend Matt when I got to North Bay. However, my lazy morning disposition and a trailer tyre flat made it so that I left Sudbury around 11:30. Unfortunately, there were no convenience store or restaurant within 6k of my campground so I had to get out of my way to find a gas station with some food. I ate little, but had an energy drink which kept me going for quite a while.

I ended up taking my only break in Sturgeon Falls, 97k into my day. I had some hills, but mainly it’s been the headwind (ever since I entered Ontario really) that slowed me down. I still averaged over 26 km/h with good stretches around 30. I entered North Bay around 17:00 and got to Matt’s home shortly thereafter and had a delicious BBQ supper, my first in over two months. I spent the rest of the evening catching up with Matt and his girlfriend Stephanie. It’s really nice to get to stay in a house with a real bed and etc. Although I’ll only be camping for three more nights…

Tomorrow will be my last difficult day. Plenty of large hills and 137k to Driftwood Provincial Park.

Day 63 Final Tally: 131.90 km

I had a late start again today, but with the short distance to Sudbury, I knew it wouldn’t be an issue. I ended up doing the entire ride without stopping to eat which meant I was quite famished by the time I reached my campsite south of the city. On my way I met Guy, a cyclist from Québec who has been crossing Canada at quite a fast pace. He travels on average more than 200 km in a single day, waking up as early as 4:30 to do so. His record is 348k in one day. He sleeps in hotels/motels every night but carries quite a bit of gear, including all the necessary items to camp if necessary. I rode the last 30k to Sudbury with him and we parted ways since I wasn’t able to convince him to split a camp site with me.

As I was setting up my tent, I met Jean-Marc and Marie, two cyclists from Paris who have been on the road for a year and a half and cycled over 21,000 km. They began in their hometown and travelled all the way to Beijing before flying out to Toronto. They plan on getting to Montreal before going south to Florida where they’ll take a plane to Peru and continue their incredible journey. As for me, I’ll be continuing my trip by paying a visit to a good friend from high school tomorrow in North Bay.

Day 62 Final Tally: 81.88 km

I spent my first day off in quite a while in my very own private cottage right on the edge of Lake Huron. Stéphane Lemieux, the brother of my friend Nathalie, graciously let me stay for two nights at his beautiful new property. I also had the chance of meeting Dylan, Véronique and Jacynthe Dillabough-Lemieux. The beautiful eight month old triplets of Nathalie and Noel. I’ve always enjoyed taking care of children, but I had my hands full just helping out Nath and her mother go through the daily routine. It turns out I picked a good time for a rest since it rained the whole day. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Blind River and want to thank the Lemieux family for their warm and generous hospitality.

I left a bit later today (11:30), which seems to have become my new routine. Luckily, the rain had passed and I was met with warm and sunny weather. However, I didn’t feel very comfortable in the saddle and the headwind wasn’t helping. After about 40k or so I met the Dames de Coeur once again. They’d caught up to me during my day off and were also headed to Espanola. In addition, Matthias had made his way from Sault St. Marie and the group was partially rejoined for one last day (John and Robin took a rest day in Sault).

I ended up riding the second half of my day with Matthias, as we took things easy and headed off the highway for a calmer (and more direct) back road to Espanola. We had lunch in town before heading south. I rejoined the girls at camp but Matt moved on since he has a WarmShowers contact further south. Everyone I’ve met and been riding with (Robin, Diane, Lynne, Marie, Louise, John and Matthias) are now heading south towards Toronto which means I won’t be seeing them again unless they decide to swing by Ottawa to pay me a visit. I wish them all a safe trip and thank them for their company for so many kilometers.

Day 61 Final Tally: 100.84 km

Today I left the company of Matthias and moved on to Blind River, the birthplace of good friend of mine, where his wife is spending the summer with her family. I ended up leaving Sault St. Marie late, around 12:30 due to my decision to get my rear wheel trued. I decided to try and get to my destination without stopping in order to get there not too late. The wind slowed me down but I was still able to get to Iron Bridge before stopping for food.

I didn’t stop for long since the clouds were threatening and I didn’t have to go that much farther anyways. I got to Blind River around 19:00 and I will be staying at a beautiful lake house with its own beach for tonight and tomorrow. My first rest day since Calgary.

Day 59 Final Tally: 147.71 km

Well, one-mile hill proved to be quite a good climb after all, but luckily the rest of the road was quite flat. Once again, we were served with beautiful views of the lake with beautiful weather. I made quick work of the distance and arrived in Sault St. Marie around 17:00. We are spending the night in the backyard of Vélorution, a cycling shop here which offers a free campground to cyclo-tourists such as us. It also happens to be about 100m from Wal-Mart and 1k from McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, etc.

We went for Pizza not too far from the site and spent the rest of the evening by a campfire with a few beers. Tomorrow I’m headed to Blind River as Matthias stays in Soo.

Day 58 Final Tally: 116.92 km


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